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List of Streaming Media Businesses
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To find out more about an entity's involvement with interactive television, type both their name and "interactive television" in a search engine.

A List of Create Your own Video Applications Businesses
Atom Entertainment - Online video content provider.
Barely Digital - Online video content creator and provider.
BITE TV - Online video content provider.
Blip TV
Boxee - Designed for the TV using a Remote Control - connect your computer to a TV using an DVI/VGA to HDMI cable.
Brightcove - Online Video Platform 
Channel King - Online Content Provider.
ChannelChooser - Online video content provider.
Clikthrough - Makes online video interactive.
Codeblack Interactive - Codeblack Interactive focuses on distributing Black television content across digitally interactive platforms.
Current TV - Online video content creator and provider. Started by Al Gore.
Digital Media Adapters and Digital Media Receivers Definitions
FashionTV - Online video content provider.
FUEL TV - Online video content provider.
Hulu - Online Content Provider.
In2TV - Online video content provider.
Internet Movie Database - The Internet Movie Database (IMDb), owned by since 1998, is an online database of information about movie stars, movies, television shows, and video games.
The Internet TV Dictionary and Business Index - Webcasting.
IVT - Rich media webcasting software.
List of Online TV Search Engines 
MuchMusic - Online video content provider. - Reference site for MSN TV (Web TV).
Narrowstep (KIT Digital) - Internet TV Platform provider.
NeuLion - Internet TV Platform provider. - Online video sharing site.
Next New Networks - Online video content creator and provider.
Nick Jr. - Online video content provider.
Now TV - Online video content provider.
Online tv episodes - Watch TV shows online free, including sports TV, news TV, and movies online. 
PlayStream - Tools you need deliver interactive video experiences.
RockMeTV - Billed as an online interactive television network.
RTV Channel - Online Content Provider.
sayaTV - Create & broadcast your own Internet TV Channel.
Searchforvideo - Video clip search engine.
Sling Media 
SPEED Channel - Online video content provider.
SurfTheChannel - Internet TV Search engine.
The Water Channel - Online video content provider.
Tubefilter - A leading authority in episodic web television.
TVPC - Create a channel for a TV Show, Movie or a live TV stream. - Create Your Own Live Internet TV Show.
VEOH  - Online Content Provider.
Video Caption Corporation - A provider of closed captioning services for Internet TV.
VideoFreeEarth - Online video content provider.  - Broadcast your program here. Visonair is a public/open access internet TV station providing scheduled broadcasting of pre-recorded and live programs.
Yahoo! Connected TV - Enjoy Internet content while watching TV programs.

International Webcasters Association (Webcasting organization)
MGW 2000 (A multi-channel, rack-mounted video streaming appliance)
Network World Fusion Streaming Media Links
Streaming Media Glossary
Flash Development - The Web magazine

Interactive TV Streaming Media Can:A producer of MPEG media streaming technology
  • Acquire, produce and deliver live content across multiple streaming media platforms
  • Aid in management of all content, from streaming video and audio to multimedia and web site content
  • Also be a full-service interactive streaming media communications corporate video provider
  • Also be INTERACTIVE TV consultants and product developers for streaming media
  • Also sell interactive hardware/software-on-demand and related services
  • Be a cable industry broadband platform provider
  • Be a developer of tools for delivering and measuring streaming media applications
  • Be a distributor for digital video and boardlevel imaging products
  • Be a full-service provider of streaming-content applications and media solutions for web servers
  • Be a provider of distributed application and content delivery services
  • Be a Specialist Builders of Satellite Newsgathering and TV Production Vehicles;
  • Be an end-to-end provider of streaming communications solutions
  • Be an INTERACTIVE TV streaming video hardware developer
  • Be an UK-based new media design agency developing interactive TV and streaming media solutions
  • Be professional broadcast video products/services
  • Be set up as an aggregator for distribution of streaming audiovisual programming in the European market
  • Build hardware for streaming media, videoconferencing and VOD
  • Build interactive multimedia servers for NVOD, VOD and PPV
  • Build semiconductors for storing, converting and distributing audio and digital signals
  • Can also offer streaming solutions For MMDS and Wireless Cable
  • Can provide interactive TV consulting and streaming media utilizing Flash
  • Create applications such as streaming over cable and DSL
  • Create automated encoding systems to transform the analog audio/video signal into a digital one
  • Create health related content for health professionals and others to be streamed over hospitality networks
  • Create interactive content for interactive television streaming media systems