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List of PCTV (PC-TV) Manufacturers and Providers
(Products, services and websites vary with time. Please verify.)

To find out more about an entity's involvement with interactive television, type both their name and "interactive television" in a search engine.

PCTV (PC-TV) Manufacturers and Suppliers Can:
  • Create interactive TV hospitality software
  • Be an Interactive TV platform/architecture developer for Digital TV systems and large screen displays
  • Create systems for HDTV broadcast and large screen home theaters
  • Specialize in home networking
  • Build Solutions for home theater-type of video on PCs as well as DVD technologies and WebDVD
  • Design and manufacture broadband transmission end-to-end system-on-a-chip also STB solutions
  • Design graphics processors and media communications devices
  • Build Web TV wireless keyboards and other consumer electronics
  • Design semiconductors and other hardware, software and platforms for Interactive TV & Digital TV
  • Specialize in building entertainment PCs
  • Design multi-media Internet appliance products and applications.