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List of PCTV (PC-TV) Manufacturers and Providers
("Screen Scraping", "Screen Projecting")
(Products, services and websites vary with time. Please verify.)

To find out more about an entity's involvement with interactive television, type both their name and "interactive television" in a search engine.

this up in a search engine: "Watching
Internet Video on a TV

AITech International
Apple TV

Boxee - Designed for the TV using a Remote Control - connect your computer to a TV using an DVI/VGA to HDMI cable.
DivX Online TV Media Center
Game Console Software (Such as Xbox. Look up on Internet.)
Global Resources PC-TV Manufacturers
Hauppauge - MediaMVP.
How to Connect Your PC to the TV


Indie Movies Online
Intel's Wireless Display Technology
InterActual Technologies - Interactive DVD.
Internet Television Solutions d/b/a

ivi TV

Microsoft's Windows Media Center Edition
Moovida - Brings Internet content to your TV screen.
Net On The Go
NMC DTVlabs Software - Run Interactive TV Applications on your PC while watching live TV or listening to digital radio.
NVIDIA - PCTV tuner card.
Orb Software

PCTV Systems
Penki TV
Replay TV Personal HD PC-TV Page
Seagate FreeAgent Theater+
SetJam - Online TV search engine.
Three PC-TV Softwares

TVTonic - Former TVPC service.
TVPC - Offers an Entertainment PC which also runs on Windows.


Veon - Former video broadband programming and Interactive TV platform. They also offered a free Web TV/PC download.
Warpia Wireless USB PC to TV
Windows Media Center Extender
XBMC - XBMC is a free and open source (GPL) software media player and entertainment hub for digital media.
Yahoo! Connected TV - Enjoy Internet content while watching TV programs. See the demo.

ZeeVee - Web TV Browser.


PCTV (PC-TV) Manufacturers and Suppliers Can:
  • Create interactive TV hospitality software
  • Be an Interactive TV platform/architecture developer for Digital TV systems and large screen displays
  • Create systems for HDTV broadcast and large screen home theaters
  • Specialize in home networking
  • Build Solutions for home theater-type of video on PCs as well as DVD technologies and WebDVD
  • Design and manufacture broadband transmission end-to-end system-on-a-chip also STB solutions
  • Design graphics processors and media communications devices
  • Build Web TV wireless keyboards and other consumer electronics
  • Design semiconductors and other hardware, software and platforms for Interactive TV & Digital TV
  • Specialize in building entertainment PCs
  • Design multi-media Internet appliance products and applications.