Media Center Extender - MCE, Windows Media Center Extender, Media Extender - (Associated with Digital Media Adapters, DMA, Digital Media Receivers.) - The Media Center Extender offers a type of Digital Media Adapter (Network Media Adapter) technology. This technology can come in the form of software or as a separate standalone set-top box (or equivalent device). The Media Center Extender (MCE) is most associated with Microsoft. MCEs can transfer content (photos, audio, video, etc.) from a computer, Media Center, Media Center PC, Home Server etc. to a display device such as a television. These can incorporate wired and/or wireless networking technology. These can be used in conjunction with Media Center PCs, desktop computers with Microsoft's Windows Media Center Edition installed, the original Xbox and is integrated into Xbox 360. (Research for other devices MCE can be used with as the list is growing.)

Digital Media Receivers (DMR) typically list MCE duties as one of its functions. Some DMRs are even integrated with displays and speakers. (Reference).

Media Center Extenders can come in two forms:

(1) It can be integrated into a digital media hub such as a gaming console like Xbox 360, or be a standalone unit (typically known as a “Media Center Extender set-top box”.) For instances Microsoft Windows Media Center Extender Technology ("MCX Technology") is platform-independent software that enables home networked consumer electronics. Windows Media Center Extender technology can be embedded in a TV eliminating the need for an enabled set-top box or integrated unit such as a Xbox 360.

(2) A software that's integrated into another operating system such as Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate editions.

Microsoft's Xbox Media Center Extender kit allows users to access the Media Center PC through an XBox 360 connected to the TV.

Microsoft Windows Media Center Extender Technology -

Also see Windows Media Center, Intel ViiV, AMD Live!

Digital Media Adapter

Digital Media Hub
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Windows Media Video - (WMV) - A generic name for the set of video codec technologies developed by Microsoft. It is part of the Windows Media framework.