Digital Media Receiver (DMR) (Network Media Device) - DMRs typically are more advanced Digital Media Adapter (DMAs), though the term at times has been used interchangeably.

Via networking, DMRs give PCs, Media Centers, DVRs, Home Servers and other equipment the ability to transfer digital content to and from other consumer electronic devices such as TVs and stereos. Users can remotely access and share photos, music, video, (including HDTV) and other protected content over a network, typically a home network.
The connection to the network can be wired or wireless. Some DMRs even have integrated displays and speakers. Most DMRs need to be connected to a display device such as a TV. Like the DMR Apple TV, an increasing number of DMRs are coming out that are more oriented toward use with enhanced definition and high definition TV systems (largely due to their better resolution.)

Originally many DMRs were dedicated audio devices, but now many can also display digitized video, photos and more. Unlike Digital Media Adapters, DMRs have a remote control and often even a navigable program guide type of onscreen interface that displays on the TV or other displaying device such as a computer screen. Many can read different file formats and excel in offering premium content, as is the case with Apple TV.

Certain products can have multiple uses including that of a Digital Media Receiver. A product in such a category is an Xbox 360.

digital media receiver Apple TV is a network device designed to play digital content originating from any Mac OS X or Windows computer running iTunes onto an enhanced-definition or high-definition widescreen television. Apple TV can store content on an internal hard drive or stream it across a network. Apple TV was originally code named "iTV".

Microsoft Windows Media Connect is software that lets you stream digital media files located on your computer to Digital Media Receivers (DMRs) connected to your home network. Several DMRs incorporate Windows Media Connect including the most popular one Xbox 360.

The DMR must support one or more types of Digital Rights Management formats. Apple's iTunes store recognizes FairPlay DRM technology. Xbox 360 recognizes Windows Media Digital Rights Management.


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