Digital Media Adapter - (DMA, Media Adapter, Home Digital Media Adapter, Home Media Adapter, Network Media Adapter.) (Associated with Media Extender, Digital Media Receivers) - Via networking, Digital Media Adapters give PCs, Media Centers, DVRs, Home Servers and other equipment that lack it, the ability to transfer and display digital content to and from other consumer electronic devices such as TVs and stereos. Users can remotely access and share photos, music, video, and other protected content over a network. Typically the connection to the network can be wired or wireless. Digital Media Receivers and Network Media Adapters are considered more advanced DMAs. 

The definition of Digital Media Receivers (DMR) list DMA duties as at least part of its functions. Some DMRs are even integrated with displays and speakers. (Reference). Unlike Digital Media Receivers, DMAs typically lack their own controls, such as a remote control. They also lack the navigable program guide type of onscreen display and interface.

An Integrated Digital Media Adapter has the DMA technology downloaded or embedded in another component, like a media center or game console such as Xbox. DIRECTV Plus« HD DVR users can download the DMA software directly into their set-top box. See article.

Windows Media Extender technology is a type of DMA.

Intel introduced the DMA in 2002 using Linux as the operating system. The first generation of DMAs weren't able to view and play video but were able to view and play PC-based images and audio files on either a television or stereo receiver. The adapter was wireless, (Wi-Fi 802.11b, though an ethernet cable could also be used. Another advantage of utilizing a DMA is that it helps create a PC-centered home-entertainment network without having to buy a new TV, stereo or other such components.

DMAs are an integral part of the digitally connected home. These can link devices that operate using different formats, standards and specifications.

Intel Viiv™ technology is associated with this. See other related terms at the Portable Digital Devices webpage.


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