Home Server - (Home Media Server, HMS, Media Server, Entertainment Gateway, Multimedia Gateway, Digital Hub, Home Gateway, Gateway Decoder Platform, Home Gateway Media Centers, Home Media Server, Home Networking Gateway, Home Media Adapter, Media Adapter, Home Server Software.) - Compared to a Home Media Center, a home media server (home server) is more oriented to activities related to home networking. Windows Home Server is different from Windows XP Media Center Edition and Windows Vista Home Premium because it’s a separate unit that connects existing PCs (and other devices) on a home network.

HP's MediaSmart Server was the first device to use Microsoft’s Windows Home Server software.
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Home Server Software - Home Server Software can also do many of the functions of an integrated Home Media Center. Often it's installed on a PC but operates as a separate device. With it you can connect and access many or all of your digital devices like media players, game stations, Internet camera, printers, and PCs from one interface while at home and on the road.

Windows Home Server Drive Extender is a technology incorporated into Windows Home Server for making it easier for consumers to add more disk space to their Home Servers.  Users will no longer need to use disk drive letters (C:, D:, E:, etc.) as they add more hard drives to their Home Server as Windows Home Server treats the disk space as a large pool of available space.

Web Server - Web Servers are not the same thing as Home Servers. The Home Server is oriented to home networking functions and the Web Server is oriented towards accepting https requests from clients.


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PC-centric Entertainment Center - With a PC-centric Entertainment Center, the Media Center is replaced and/or controlled by your PC. Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition is a major example of this. (Formerly code-named "Freestyle"). (An example is Microsoft’s Windows XP Media Center.)

Digital Media Adapter - (DMA)

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