Portable Media Device, Portable Media Player (Center) - (PMP, PMC, Portable Digital Devices, Portable Personal Video Player, Portable Gaming Consoles, Portable Video Player.) - A device perhaps the size of a paperback book that can store and playback content such as digital video from a PC or another device, via ports or wireless networking technology. The device can have a hard drive and a display. It might work as an extension of a PC. Depending on the situation, it could be hooked up to your TV. Zune is a Portable Media Player.

The Portable Media Center (PMC) was a former hard drive-based Portable Media Player platform that was developed by Microsoft.

Digital Media Adapter

Digital Media Receiver (DMR)

Media Center Extender

Network Media Device

Portable & Home Media Centers

TV Internet Access Device

TV Internet System

WebTV for Windows

Windows Media Center

Windows Media Connect (WMC)