Access Network (Local Drop, Local Loop, or Last Mile, Last Hundred Yards) - The Access Network is the part of the network that physically touches the subscriber's location.

Addressable Cable System

Conditional Access, definition of, links and related articles


CRM – (Customer Related Management, Customer Relationship Management)

Customer Care Application

Customer Management Systems

Consumer Premise Equipment - (CPE)

End-user - (Enduser)

Home Subscriber Server (HSS), User Profile Server Function, UPSF

List of Customer Relations Management (CRM) Businesses

Local Loop

Pay Per View - Interactive Television

Pay Per View VOD

Service Management Software (SDS)

Subscriber Management System - (SMS)

Subscriber Management Systems (SMS) Businesses

Super Distributed Home Location Register (SDHLR)


User-Centric Broadband



Home Network

Network Adapter

Network Attached Storage
 – (NAS)

Network-based Video on Demand – (May be known as Network Storage.)

Network Computer – (NC) - (a.k.a. Net PC, Managed PC.)

Network Interface Cards
 - (NIC)

Network Management System – (NMS) - The combination of equipment, hardware and software used in monitoring, controlling and managing a data communication network.

Network Operator

Network PC - (Network Appliance)

Network Programmers

Network Service Provider - (NSP)

Network Storage

Network Transport

Networked Entertainment – (May be known as Home Networking {Entertainment}.) – See Home Networking.