Appointment-based TV – (Time-and-channel-based TV, Linear Video, Linear Schedule, Linear Programming, Linear TV, Scheduled TV):
(1) Television service where the viewer has to watch a scheduled TV program at the particular time it’s offered, and on the particular channel it's presented on. Opposite of this would be incorporating the use of DVRs, VCRs or Video on Demand.

(2) When the broadcaster wants your attention only to be focused on the TV program. Typically this leaves little call for interactivity. They certainly don't want you to leave the show by going to your computer. They only want your attention to be on that show and it's advertisers.

(3) (Linear TV) - Non-interactive television.

Appointment TV - Appointment TV assumes that people will tune in at the same time every day or week to personally watch their favorite shows. But the DVR and video on demand generation demands "anytime" TV, whereas you can watch the program when you want to. Video on Demand and Digital Video Recorders and VCRs have made that a reality. Appointment TV is the opposite of non-linear TV.

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