Nonlinear - A term in regard to editing and storage of audio, video and other data.  Data can be brought up from the media (such as a CD or computer disk) without having to know physically where it was entered onto that media.

Nonlinear Programming - (Nonlinear TV) - (Non-linear, 24-by-7 Linear Channels) - These are advanced, non-traditional ways of presenting television programming.  In many ways it's the opposite of appointment-based television (linear TV).  Many consider video on demand and other forms of interactive TV nonlinear.  See Linear TV.

Nonlinear Editing - This is not having to edit the program to keep the continuity of the program intact, thus if you change one part of the program or story, it won't effect the next part of that program or story.

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Always-on - (Switched-on TV, Always-switched-on-TV)

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Appointment TV - Appointment TV assumes that people will tune in at the same time every day or week to personally watch their favorite shows. But the DVR and video on demand generation demands "anytime" TV, whereas you can watch the program when you want to. Video on Demand and Digital Video Recorders and VCRs have made that a reality. Appointment TV is the opposite of non-linear TV.

Linear TV

Linear to On-demand - (Linear-to-on-demand) - TV links are made available for the viewer to activate with their remote control device. Via these, viewers are able to access on-demand content, often in the form of advertisements, or merchandise for sale.

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