Always-on - (Switched-on TV, Always-switched-on-TV) - (1) IPTV essentially offers a one-to-one signal, providing channels on-demand as opposed to the standard commercial television's 'always on' model. In this 'always on' model of delivery, a huge number of channels are sent to the customer and the customer, via their remote control device, flips through these delivered channels and decides which to watch. With IPTV, when a customer clicks on a channel, that's when the channel's content is sent for viewing. 

(2) Where the viewer (end-user) can watch specific TV programming at anytime, as with Video on Demand, VCRs and DVRs. This is opposed to traditional appointment TV where if the desired show isn't aired at that time by the network operator, the consumer might turn (switch) off the TV unsatisfied. See IPTV.