ADSL - (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) - A standard that allows a high data rate signal (6 megabits per second or more.) It has more bandwidth for downloading than uploading. VDSL technology however can provide many times more the bandwidth compared to the typical DSL technology being used today, which often is ADSL. (Definition written in 2007.)

ADSL-based Interactive TV Service - (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) - These high-speed phone based services offer much the same as do broadband cable connections. This includes video on demand, interactive games, TV-based Internet etc.

ADSL-based VOD – (a.k.a. TV-over-ADSL, Broadband TV, Broadband-based TV. Associated with Interactive TV over DSL) - Video on demand received through broadband phone lines and connections.

BISDN - (Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network) - High data rate service intended to support multimedia traffic including full-motion video, images, and other data. BISDN is based on ATM switching. It operates in the megabit-to-gigabit range. BISDN has been largely superseded by other technologies. Also see

FS-VDSL  - (Full-Service Very High-speed Digital Subscriber Line)

High Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line - (HDSL)

Interactive TV-over-DSL  - Interactive television through high speed telephone connections. See Internet TV.

ISDN - (Integrated Services Digital Network) - (1) ISDN transfers information digitally through phone lines instead of the comparatively inefficient standard analog phone line transmissions.  Special equipment is needed to be able to have ISDN.  Some users have dial up ISDN where, other than maybe the cost of installation, you only pay for when you're actually on the network (Internet) instead of paying a monthly rental fee. (2) A series of CCITT Recommendations related to the transmission of voices and data down the same line.

SDSL - Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line - It's called symmetric because data is transmitted at the same rate in both directions, special modems are required. Used more often in Europe.

Video Enhanced DSL - DSL optimized for improved video download capacity.

xDSL - A generic term for DSL.

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