Dynamic Ad Insertion (Dynamic Targeted Ad Insertion. Associated with Dynamic Video Ad Insertion.)  -  "Dynamic" means "continually changing." With dynamic ad insertion, network operators can provide targeted ads that can be swapped in and out of that television program as it's delivered to the enduser. Usually, ads are inserted in advance and cannot be swapped out once the content (TV program) is on the operator's network.  Podcasting, online video and interactive TV continue to be growth areas for Dynamic Ad Insertion (Dynamic Targeted Ad Insertion.) Unfortunately, with Dynamic Video Ad insertion, a problem can presenting the ads in different types of media formats.

In the States, early TV providers of Dynamic Ad Insertion were Sunflower Cablevision, which offered the service to a handful of local advertisers; and Charter Communications in St. Louis, which conducted a test of the technologies needed to align selected commercials with individual on-demand streams. (Reference.)

Dynamic Ad Placements

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