Network Address Translation (NAT) - (Source NAT, Network Masquerading, Native Address Translation, IP-masquerading, IP Masquerading, Destination NAT. Associated with IPv4 Address Shortage, Private IP Address, RFC 1918, TCP, UDP, Demultiplex, End-to-end Connectivity, IPsec, Tunneling Protocols, DMZ host, Application Layer Gateway {ALG}, NAT Traversal Techniques, STUN, ICE, Bonjour {NAT-PMP}, TISPAN.) -

Network Adapter

Network Attached Storage
 – (NAS)

Network-based Video on Demand – (May be known as Network Storage.)

Network Computer – (NC) - (a.k.a. Net PC, Managed PC.)

Network Interface Cards
 - (NIC)

Network Management System – (NMS) - The combination of equipment, hardware and software used in monitoring, controlling and managing a data communication network.

Network Operator

Network PC - (Network Appliance)

Network Personal Video Recording - (nPVR) - (Maybe known asServer-based Personal Video Recorder) - Headend-driven Video on Demand with Personal Television services. Viewers can fast-forward, pause, rewind, etc.

Network Service Provider - (NSP)

Network Storage

Network Transport

Networked Entertainment – (May be known as Home Networking{Entertainment}.) – See Home Networking.