OpenCable Platform - OCAP - (The OpenCable {Application} Platform {Specification}) – "OpenCable Platform" is now called "Tru2way"™. Tru2way is a major interactive TV middleware software layer for US cable. Tru2way is largely based on the European Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) middleware specification created by the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) organization (DVB-MHP). Tru2way was developed by CableLabs and its members. Tru2way is a middleware software standard that enables application developers to create new interactive services that will run on a broad range of advanced digital set top boxes and cable-ready TVs. Tru2way includes middleware, and applications and authoring tools. The idea behind Tru2way is to encourage third parties to develop two-way applications for cable TV networks. Such applications include DVR, programming interfaces, ad insertions, gaming and more. While Tru2way originally was developed for set-top boxes, it also can be embedded in TVs and other consumer electronics. Tru2way-enabled TVs are being built.

Tru2way can be used in consumer electronics devices like HDTVs, digital video recorders (DVRs), game players, portable video devices, mobile phones, wireless gadgets and personal computers.

Tru2way-enabled TVs and many other Tru2way-enabled devices are expected to be “plug and play.”  You just connect them to a cable connection and just set it up to your liking. Cox Cable for instance has "OnRamp," which is a Java-based subset of application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow operators to offer applications that are compatible and transferable to the OCAP platform.

One of the terms that pops up in discussions about “Tru2way devices” is the “host device.” A “host device” is any piece of hardware that interacts with the cable plant (headend.) A digital TV with a CableCARD slot is a host device as well as HDTV. A digital set-top box also “hosts” cable-delivered services.

CHILA (pronounced “cheye-luh,” rhymes with “lila,”) stands for “CableCARD Host Interface Licensing Agreement.” It is/was a certification program between cable and consumer electronics companies to ensure OCAP compatibility. CHILA contains OCAP and is oriented towards interactivity. The CHILA agreement, together with its sister agreement for OCAP are available to any interested consumer electronics manufacturer. These agreements grant the intellectual property rights required for building interactive devices in compliance with the CableLabs OpenCable™ hardware and software specifications. See CableCard.

OEDN - The OCAP/EBIF Developer Network.