Telco TV (sometimes known as Fiber-enabled TV Service) With Telco TV telephone service providers act as the television network operator. They can offer the kind of services athat cable TV providers do such as digital TV, video on demand, web TV, Internet services, interactive TV, wireless services, IPTV, etc. Telephone companies (Telcos) need to find ways to compete with cable TV providers who also can provide (bundled) telephone services.

Fiber-enabled TV Service -  Content is delivered using fiber optic lines making for much faster connections. Verizon's FiOS TV is offering this to an expanding number of customers.

Cable Operator Ownership Caps

Content Provider

IPTV Businesses

MSO, Multiple Services Operator

Network DVR, nDVR

Network Service Provider - (NSP)

Network Storage

Network Trouble Patterning Software (NTPS)

Network Management System – (NMS)

Sysop - (System Operator)