TV Widgets  (Web-enabled TV Widgets, Web-enabled Downloadable Applications, Interactive TV Widgets, Yahoo! TV Widgets, Widget-enabled TV Sets, Widget-enabled Sets, TV Set Widget.) - TV Widgets are small, self-contained Internet-based programs that can be plugged into a web application. TV Widgets help viewers find and connect to premium content which is more customized to their particular interests. Widgets themselves, such as Desktop [computer] Widgets, have been around for a while.

TV Widgets
utilize Intel CE media processors (at the time of this writing) and are designed to run on a variety of connected CE devices including various Blu-ray players, set-top boxes and integrated digital TVs. TV Widgets typically require broadband Internet access and may require subscriptions at additional cost. Also Widget Channel.

TV Widgets can be developed by third-party developers, service providers and others by using the Widget Channel API and Widget Developer Kit. Numerous entities have developed TV Widgets.