Value-added Services (VAS) (TV) – Value-added Services refers to advanced and/or additional services a content provider (network operator) offers to possibly increase their revenues, or make their offering more competitive. Typically these are non-essential. VAS type services might include e-mail, Internet access, text messaging, enhanced TV, video on demand, T-commerce, tele-shopping, communal gaming, TV Mosaics, interactive advertising and subscription gaming.

Value-added Service Provider (VASP) -

Value-Added Network - (VAN) - An ISP or other network operator that provides specialized services over and above normal network activity.

Value-added Reseller - (VAR) - An organization that packages standard products with added software and/or hardware, for resale to a specific industry or market.

Value-added VOD Tiers – Varying levels (and cost) of basic and premium video on demand. This might include free VOD, subscription VOD and Interactive TV-enhanced VOD.