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Interactive TV using Mobile Devices 
(Interactive Mobile TV)

(Assorted Related Definitions)


Bluetooth-enabled TV Receiver

Cell TV - (Mobile TV) - Viewing video using video-enabled iPods, cell phones, video-enabled MP3 players, portable media devices and other mobile video devices.  Also see Interactive TV using SMS.

Cross-carrier Mobile-phone Voting Application (In terms of Interactive TV) - When customers of more than one major mobile phone carriers (the big four in the States are AT&T Wireless, Nextel, Cingular, and Sprint,) can interact through their phones with a TV program.  Carriers might shun a show if their competition is allowed access to it also. This was more prevalent in the past. See Interactive TV using Mobile Devices.

Interactive TV using Mobile Devices  - (Mobile-phone Interactive TV Applications, Cell Phone Centered Interactive TV Programming, Interactive Mobile to TV to Mobile Games) - This could be accessible through video-enabled iPods, cell phones, video-enabled MP3 players, portable media devices and other mobile video devices. This Interactive TV platform enables users to interact with programming via their phone's keypad and/or microphone, possibly in the form of Short Message Service (SMS), Multimedia Messaging System (MMS) and/or IVR. This can include voting, such as what video or commercial they should play next. It can also include mobile-commerce (m-commerce.)

Interactive TV Polling

Interactive TV using SMS  – (SMS-based Interactive TV, SMS2TV, SMS Text Messaging, Mobile Interactive TV, Mobile-Phone-Based Interactive TV, WAP-based Voting Application, iTV Services for Wireless Devices, Synchronizing Mobile-phone Based Applications with TV Programming, Wireless 2-screen Interactive TV, Call TV, SMS-2-TV, SMStv, Text Messaging, Text TV, Mobile Messaging Solutions.) - (1) Interaction using short messages, primarily text messages (such as “instant messages”) with the network operator and/or others who are using SMS-enabled devices, primarily mobile phones. (2) Where the TV viewer sends out SMS messages from a non-mobile device, such as their PC or TV system, to a mobile device such as a mobile phone.  (3) Other forms of interactivity directly involving SMS and TVs.
   For instance, when a poll or contest is offered by a TV show, viewers might be able to interact with the show via SMS.

Location-based Services

MMS - (Multimedia Messaging System) -

Mobile Commerce - (m-commerce) – The buying and selling of goods and services through wireless and handheld devices such as mobile/cellular phones, laptop computers, portable media devices (such as iPods), personal digital assistants, (PDAs) etc. Also see:

Mobile Dating - Finding dates using mobile communication devices.

Mobile DVR - Being able to operate a DVR from a mobile device such as a telephone.

Mobile Entertainment

Mobile Handset

Mobile Phone and Data Standards (on right of that webpage.)

Mobile Streaming Regular Channels

Mobile TV - (MoTV, Cell TV, Portable TV, Mobile Applications, DVB-H Mobile TV) - Viewing television (video) using video-enabled iPods, portable media devices, cell phones, video-enabled MP3 players, game players and other mobile video devices. Research indicates that most people prefer to watch more lengthy shows in a more comfortable setting such as the living room. This demonstrates a "lean back" preference for TV viewing, but leaves the door open for "lean forward" content produced especially for PCs, mobile devices etc.  Also see Interactive TV using SMS.

Participation TV

Personal Televisions
- Mobile televisions, such as in video-enabled cell phones.

Premium Rate SMS

Portable Media Centers

Portable TV -  See Mobile TV. The Nintendo DS handheld video-game machine can work as a portable TV.

SMS - (Short Message Service) -

SMS initiated Search Engine - A search engine you interact with using SMS.

Text TV - (Text Messaging) - See Interactive TV using SMS above.


Voice Short Codes (VSC)

Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Centers -


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