(Co-browse, Co-browsing Apps., Co-browsing Applications, Cobrowsing Apps., Co-viewing, Co-viewing, Coviewing Apps., Co-viewing Applications.) (TV) - (1) Engaging in Social TV (Social Interactive TV) while watching live television. For instance, while watching live television, by using a co-browsing application over a network such as the Internet, shoppers (who are also the TV viewers) can co-browse along with each other in that TV station's and/or program's virtual store, even communicate with the electronic store's sales manager together as one group. 

(2) While watching live television, by using other browsing applications, viewers can also be engaged in that TV station and/or program's associated secondary activities. For instance, viewers could be interacting with that program's website via a PC or mobile device. With co-browsing, a convergence of multimedia multi-tasking can occur.

Co-browser - A computer application that enables multiple users to virtually experience real time activities together over a network.

2-Screen Interactive TV


Ancillary Data

Back Channel

Interactive TV Platform

Metadata - (Sometimes known as Side Information)



Home Network

Network Adapter

Network Attached Storage
– (NAS)

Network-based Video on Demand – (May be known as Network Storage.)

Network Computer – (NC) - (a.k.a. Net PC, Managed PC.)

Network Interface Cards
- (NIC)

Real-time Companion Programming

Underlying Content

Web-enabled Television Platforms