Platform {Interactive TV} - (Sometimes known as Interactive TV client. Associated with Interactive Television Application.) - In computing, a platform describes some sort of framework, either in hardware or software, which allows software to run." (Wikipedia.) The term "platform" might be used interchangeably with the term "standard" or "specification," sometimes even "middleware". Platforms may be offered by individual entities (such as businesses or organizations) or agreed upon by many related entities. A platform may be proprietary, (a design or technique owned by an entity,) or an open system, which is the opposite.

The underlying system, standards, protocols, specifications and operating environment for a specific device, mechanism, transmission method, type of content etc. Also see Informitv's definition at:

(2) As "platform" might be used generically, it might include related interactive TV technologies such as software, middleware and/or hardware.
These might be known as technical platforms for interactive TV (versus delivery platforms (which is #3 below). Interactive TV platforms are often associated with interactive TV Middleware.

Technical platforms for Interactive TV include:  MHP & DVB-MHP. See Interactive television Standards & Specifications.

(3) It might be used to refer to major content provider's or communications transmission systems such as digital terrestrial (MMDS), cable, telco, satellite, and the Internet. Thus these would be referred to as "cable platform," "satellite platform" etc.

Advanced Services Platform (ASP)


Application Platform


Content Delivery Platform

Cross-platform (Maybe known as Platform Independent, Platform-neutral, Interoperability, Platform Interoperability or Platform Agnostic.)

Cross-platform EPG Client

Digital in-room Interactive TV Platform

Digital Media Platform - (DMP)


DVB Multimedia Home Platform

Free-to-air Digital Terrestrial Platform

MHP - (Multimedia Home Platform)

Middleware (TV)

Multiple-platform Delivery Schemes

OCAP - (The OpenCable Applications Platform {Specification})

Open Media Platform (OMP)


Out-of-home Internet Platform
- Ways subscribers access the Internet when they are not at their home. This includes notebook PCs and mobile phones.

Platform Integration

Reference Platform - (May be known as Reference and Development Platform.)

Secondary Platform

Sky Interactive Platform


Unbundled Network Elements-Platform (UNE-P, UNE-Platform.)

Video on Demand Solution Providers

Visa Open Platform

Web-based Platform - When the primary platform is the Web.

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