Contextual Advertising -  (Content Targeted Advertising, Addressable Advertising, One-to-one Advertising, Personalized Viewer Specific Content, Content Ads, Contextual Ads, Highly Targeted Contextual Advertising, Keyword-based Contextual Advertising Services. Associated with Contextual {targeted} Television Advertising, Targeted Interactive TV Advertising, Subscriber-specific Interactive Video, Gender Based Targeted Advertising, Targeted Branding, Targeted Product Placement, Selling to Niche Buying Groups, Keyword Targeted Advertising, Dynamic Digital Advertising, Subscriber specific Advertising, Subscriber specific Targeting, Niche Advertising, Advertising using Narrowcasting, Contextual Advertising Technology, Advanced Contextual Technologies, Targeted Ad Matching, Ad Relevancy Matching, Contextual Ad Campaigns, Contextual Ad Networks, Real-time Contextual Ad Targeting Platform, Targeted Advertising Systems, Contextual Advertising Service, TV Commercials Contextually Targeted to a Program's Content, Contextually Targeted TV Commercials.) -  Advertising that's targeted to the individual viewer's unique interests. A contextual ad system scans the viewer's preferred programming and displays associated advertising. For example, if the user is viewing a New York Yankees baseball game, the viewer might be presented with ads for New York Yankee related products.

Google’s AdSense popularized online contextual advertising.
AdSense sponsored links appear on webpages with information similar to the content of the webpage you're viewing.

Brand Channel - A dedicated advertising channel available via the Internet, TV, Walled Gardens, etc., where marketers broadcast brand related content directly to users. Marketers want to cater to the needs and desires of a community with product tie-ins, Participatory Video Ads (PVAs), infomercials, infotainment and other types of interactivity. These can give advertisers the ability to measure and view, in real time, user's attitudes towards the advertisements, as well as the product/service.

Branded Entertainment -

Content targeted Advertising
- Content-targeted Ads, Content Targeted Advertising. Associated with Product Placement - Advertising that's particularly relevant to the content it's embedded in.

Gender Based Targeted Advertising - Targeting the advertising to a particular sex.

Inquiry Marketing



Niche Programming

Niche TV Community

Participatory Video Ad
  (PVA) - A PVA is an actual video ad that consumers can rate, share information concerning and otherwise comment about. These give advertisers the ability to measure and view, in real time, user's attitudes towards the ad as well as the product/service it’s discussing. Gaming vendors and movie studios are two of the entities to have used them. See Advertising using Interactive TV.


Targeted Advertising Systems – (TV) - TV Systems that offer targeted advertising. The targeted advertising may or may not include interactivity.

Target Market - The total number of possible customers you could sell your products/services to.

Targeted Interactive TV Advertising - (Interactive TV Targeted Advertising) - Targeted TV advertising that includes interactivity.

Targeted T-coupons (T for Television) – Coupons sent via interactive TV to a select group of viewers versus blanketing the public with an expensive coupon campaign.  As you could imagine these coupons can offer a discount etc. as do standard hard copy coupons.

Untargeted Advertising -  The CEO of Google estimates that up to 95% of the world’s advertising is of the untargeted variety. The vast majority of television advertising is untargeted. In this scenario all viewers are shown a commercial that appeals to the interests of only a minority. Targeted Advertising is the opposite.