Niche Programming - (Niche Channels, Special-interest Channels) (Associated with Slivercasting, and Microcast.) - TV programming created for and/or broadcasted to smaller and more targeted audiences. With niche programming, the assumption is that anyone can create a channel, and an endless number of video channels can cater to niche markets. Niche programming's aim is to please any taste or whim, and it's expected to proliferate as broadband Internet becomes a more reliable conduit for the delivery of broadcast-quality video. See Slivercasting, Narrowcasting & Internet TV.

Niche VOD {packages} – (May be known as Niche Video-magazine Service, VOD Video-magazine, Niche Video-magazine Service. Associated with Internet TV & Broadband TV) - Video on Demand content/channels that a comparatively small but faithful audience could be interested in. See Internet TV & Video on Demand.

Niche TV Community - When specialized TV programming, probably broadband-based (including IPTV), creates an interactive, dedicated group of followers.


Activity-based Video on Demand

Actualized Audience Culture

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Contextual Advertising

Independent IPTV Channel

Niche VOD packages, Niche Video-magazine Service


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