HITS AxIS ETV Solutions for Programmers - This is a Comcast Media Center HITS unit managed solution to help cable networks deliver interactive TV applications to cable headends. According to Comcast Media Center, the HITS AxIS platform delivers the data feed terrestrially so a television programming network can add interactive television applications without negatively affecting the quality of its audio and video distribution. It also allows content providers to deliver enhanced television applications that are specifically created for cable operator affiliates as well as the markets they serve.

With HITS AxIS ETV Solutions for Programmers it was also reported that cable programming networks can deliver CableLabs Enhanced TV Binary Interchange Format (EBIF) applications without integrating them into their linear programming.


Back Channel 
- (a.k.a., Backchannel, Return Channel, Reverse Channel, Return Path, Return Link, Back Channel Network Connection)

Cable Plant

Head-end-based Personal Video Recording

Headend Management Station - (HMS) – (Data Collector)

Headend-based Video on Demand Subscriber Controls

Headend in the Sky (HITS)