Interactive Video (Interactive TV) – (1) Combining video and computer technologies to offer interactivity. In this scenerio video technology and computerized devices operate jointly to create and/or provide interactive options. If applicable, the interactive choices made could influence the manner in which the program unfolds. Interactive video isn't necessarily just broadcasted to you over cable, satellite, telco etc. but might be utilized in your company network or in a single computer or kiosk. Interactive video has been considered another type, or even name, for interactive TV technology. Interactive video technology is also being used in places such as classrooms as it allows students in one location to be taught by a teacher in a separate location. The students are often able to ask the teacher questions and perhaps the teacher can respond to them in real time.

(2) There are many that feel there are at least four major subsets of the umbrella term “Interactive Television.” These could be (a) Electronic Program Guides, (b) Timeshifting (with its Digital Video Recorder {DVR}), (c) Interactive Video and (d) Video on Demand.  (2003 definition.)

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