Long Form Advertisement -  – (Expandable Interactive Television Commercials, Long-format Commercials, Long-form Commercials, Telescopic Advertising, Long-tail {Video} Advertising.) - Associated with Advertainment, Interactive Advertising, Telescopic on-demand DVR/VOD Advertising, Advertainment, Long-tail Video) – Upon activation, long-form commercials "telescope" from the traditional 30 or 60 second variety into a longer form of programming. These advertisements can include more developed forms of interactivity, such as one-click shopping and other forms of T-commerce. Long-form commercials allow consumers to browse products and access information that interests them. Using their remote control device, viewers can explore products and interact with brands at their own pace.

These more lengthy commercials may also be available with Timeshifting and On-demand Programming. See Interactive TV Advertising.

There are those that feel that Hewlett-Packard 2005 Long Form Advertisement on Dish Network was the first to run in the States. It let users click through a Francois Vogel-directed "HP + You" commercial to long-form content where they could redeem a coupon, see digital photography products or watch longer versions of the Vogel spots.


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