Personal TV Channels - (Associated with Private Channels)Personal TV Channels are people's personal Web sites that have been converted to become their own Internet TV channel. Personal TV channels might contain home videos and programs that are meant to be shared among family, personal friends or others who wish to view them.

For instance, TiVo has/had a feature that lets subscribers share their homemade movies with friends or family by setting up a personal "channel" to send their videos to the TiVo set-top boxes of those who have agreed to be on their private network.

The evolution of web sites has included Internet Channels. People are adding video (among other things) and turning their web site into an Internet (TV) channel.

Personal TV Channels is a way by which an advertiser may promote their goods, perhaps as part of a long-form VOD ad.
IPTV may also be used for personal and private TV channels.

See User-generated Content.


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Personal Channels - Utilizing a network and based on your favorite shows, actors, inputted keywords etc., an enabled DVR, Home Media Center, or other such device, can automatically find and/or save programming based on your specifications. You can then view it at your leisure.

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