Web-based Searchable TV - (Web-based Searchable Television) - Interactive web navigation helps make the Internet a more ordered and referable place. Internet searches are a standard part of the web experience but unlike PC-based Internet services, web-connected television technology was lacking for a number of years.

Web-based services using TV-based technologies have existed for decades thanks to earlier forms of Web based television. Internet-connected TVs however are taking it to a new level. Many Web TV searches in the past have struggled with walled gardens types of limitations. As Internet-connected TVs tend to be part of HDTV systems that have the same kind of display technology as the computer monitor, one of the features Web-based television services can now offer is better web searchability. Google TV is at the forefront of Web-based Searchable TV. Google and other search engines have an advantage in offering Web-based Searchable TV as they already have so much web content indexed.

Advantageous Interface development is important as the easier to understand and operate the interface is, obviously the better. Simplified intuitive interactive TV interfaces often require less processing power and bandwidth.

Servers powerful enough to handle all the TV-based web searches also are needed.

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