Internet-connected TV (Connected TV, Broadband-enabled Television, Network-connected Televisions, Web-enabled TVs, Internet-to-television Video Services, Broadband-Enabled TV, Web-enabled Television Platforms, TVs Enabled for Internet Video, Web-connected Smart TV.) - Internet-connected TVs are television systems (typically HDTV) that can adequately display some or more Internet content. This content may be in the form of walled gardens. These may be TVs networked to broadband enabled set-top boxes, media centers, media center PCs, PCs or other consumer devices. For networking, digital media adapters, digital media receivers or media extenders may be utilized. Often these advanced systems are interactive. Using a wireless keyboard and mouse combination might be an option as is the case with a Media Center PC. Other types of interactivity may include using your voice to change the channels (interactive voice response {IVR}), and perform video searches etc. With the point and click option, viewers point their remote at an area of the TV screen for interactivity.

Twenty-five percent of the HDTVs that ship worldwide in 2010 will be capable of connecting to the Internet, according to research firm Parks Associates.

Internet-connected TVs users can watch tv streams and videos from Youtube, Hulu and others or rent movies online from distributors such as Netflix. These TV sets also can offer integration with social network sites and other internet features while watching traditional TV. In some cases, TV makers also get part of the revenue when customers make web purchases through their TVs.

Internet-connected TV features can include built-in wireless (802.11n dual-band) and wired networking, a Bluetooth universal remote control with sliding QWERTY keyboard, and apps from online content and service brands including Amazon Video On Demand, Netflix, Rhapsody, Flickr, Twitter, VUDU, and YahooŽTV Widgets.

If a connected TV platform is open, as is the case with Yahoo! Connected TV, there may be other options for getting connected TV besides having to have an HDTV. For instance one can get a BluRay player that has implemented the TV widgets.

Internet TV has the potential to offer millions of channels, searchable using Interactive Program Guides and their advanced counter part Content and Service Discovery Guides (CSDGs).

Internet-connected television demo For a demo of what you can do with Internet-connected TVs, click here.

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