TV-based Internet (TV-based Internet Devices) – With TV-based Internet you're able to access and interact with the Internet though your TV system. See Internet TV & Web TV.

Digital Media Adapter

Digital Media Receiver (DMR) (Network Media Device)

Media Center Extender - MCE, Windows Media Center Extender

Media Gateway (Multiservice Media Gateway, Media Gateway Controller)

Windows Home Server (Software) (WHS)

Broadcast PC Initiative

Intercast - (Intel Intercast)

La-Z-Boy recliner with built-in-keyboard and WebTV receiver

List of Interactive TV Platforms

List of PCTV (PC-TV) Businesses


NetChannel - (AOL)

PCTV, PC-TV Converters, PCTV Converters, PC-to-TV Device)

Philips WebTV Classic

Philips WebTV Plus

Script Trigger

Software to Make TVs More Interactive

Spool Folder

WebTV Plus Interactive

WebTV for Windows

Web TV Providers