Ad Campaign Platform – An Ad Campaign Platform is an advertising platform that enables cable and broadband operators, ad agencies and others to manage and deliver advertisements across various interactive TV and broadband platforms. This includes Walled Gardens, Interactive Program Guides, Video on Demand, Interactive Gaming, Middleware, and PC client software.

Application Platform

Content Delivery Platform

Cross-platform EPG Client

Digital Media Platform - (DMP)

DVB Multimedia Home Platform

Interactive TV Advertising

Interactive TV Platform

Interactive TV Secondary Platform

Internet-oriented Interactive Platform

List of Interactive TV Multi-platform Businesses

MHP - (Multimedia Home Platform)

Middleware for TV, System or Platform software, Middleware Layer

Platform Independent, Cross-platform, Platform-neutral, Interoperability

Video on Demand Platform Providers

Active Entertainment

Passive Entertainment

Interactive TV Application


Active Entertainment (In terms of Interactive TV)

Broadband Entertainment Services

Entertainment on Demand (EOD, EoD)

Personalized Video on Demand Entertainment

User-guided Entertainment, Fully-integrated Participant