TVSP - (Television Service Provider) - (1) An Internet or other network service provider that specializes in providing television service. The TVSP may have to provide special software to make it possible for viewers to access the network. MSNŽTV as well as former NCI (a former Oracle subsidiary) and AOLTV (which used to be a Web TV service) might have in the past been considered TVSPs.

(2) Internet or other network service providers who specialize in viewing the Internet over television. TVSPs don't necessarily own servers, modems, routers and phone lines like an ISP, they might instead subcontract out that part of the operation to standard ISPs. 

(3) Internet Television service provider.

Content Provider

Network Operator


Home Network

Network Adapter

Network Attached Storage
– (NAS)

Network-based Video on Demand – (May be known as Network Storage.)

Network Computer – (NC) - (a.k.a. Net PC, Managed PC.)

Network Interface Cards
- (NIC)

Network Management System – (NMS) - The combination of equipment, hardware and software used in monitoring, controlling and managing a data communication network.

Network PC - (Network Appliance)

Network Personal Video Recording - (nPVR) - (Maybe known as Server-based Personal Video Recorder) - Headend-driven Video on Demand with Personal Television services. Viewers can fast-forward, pause, rewind, etc.

Network Programmers

Network Service Provider - (NSP)

Network Storage

Network Transport

Networked Entertainment – (May be known as Home Networking {Entertainment}.) – See Home Networking.