E-Commercial - In the later 1990s Wink Communications (now part of OpenTV) began providing technology for interactive TV commercials part of which they called "E-Commercials". This Internet type one-click e-commerce technology was offered in association with a number of network operators. Wink Communications had strategic relationships with Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, Comcast Communications, ESPN, HBO, InterMedia Partners, Jones Intercable and others. Television and set-top terminal manufacturers such as General Instrument, Scientific-Atlanta, Pioneer, Toshiba and Matsushita were equipment partners.

Using a Wink-enabled television or set-top terminal, Wink Enhanced Broadcasting added interactivity to traditional television advertising and programming. Using their TV remote control device, viewers could interact by clicking on a small icon displayed during the programming. The Wink Response Network aggregated viewers' requests and forwarded them to advertisers or others.

Back Channel - (a.k.a., Backchannel, Return Channel, Reverse Channel, Return Path, Return Link, Back Channel Network Connection.)

Content Vendors – (May be known as Content Providers) - See Content Providers.

Home Network

ICAP – (Interactive Communicating Application Protocol)

Interactive TV T-com (Television Commerce) Software Platforms Providers


Network Adapter

Network Attached Storage
 – (NAS)

Network-based Video on Demand – (May be known as Network Storage.)

Network Computer – (NC) - (a.k.a. Net PC, Managed PC.)

Network Interface Cards
 - (NIC)

Network Management System – (NMS) - The combination of equipment, hardware and software used in monitoring, controlling and managing a data communication network.

Network Operator

Network PC - (Network Appliance)

Network Personal Video Recording - (nPVR) - (Maybe known asServer-based Personal Video Recorder) - Headend-driven Video on Demand with Personal Television services. Viewers can fast-forward, pause, rewind, etc. 

Network Programmers

Network Service Provider - (NSP)

Network Storage

Network Transport

Networked Entertainment – (May be known as Home Networking{Entertainment}.) – See Home Networking.

Network Operator Network-operator Channel, Network Operator Channel

Program Provider - Internet TV's (& IPTV's) dramatically increases the ability for almost anyone to offer a TV program.

Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI), Teletext and MINITEL