Enhancements - Enhancements take the form of multimedia. These include graphics, text, sound, animation, video and/or hyperlinks to web pages or other destinations.  In enhanced TV, these might be added to the video signal. Enhancements might be sent over the VBI (vertical blanking interval which includes Teletext. Teletext is more popular in Europe than the States). Television producers can add these to their programming to increase interactivity and/or make more data related to the programming available. Examples are supplementary graphics and text that add more richness and depth, or links that can reach a website and/or an electronic storefront. With analog TV signals, the vertical blanking interval (VBI) can be used to broadcast enhancements, while in digital TV transmissions, one option is for the enhancements to be part of the MPEG streams. Enhancements can be created using industry-standard tools and technologies such as ECMA (European Computer Manufacturers Association) Internet Scripting, HTML, DVB-HTML, BHTML (Broadcast HTML), XML, JAVA, Shockwave, Flash and other variations of HTML.

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