TV Crossover Links - (Interactive TV Links, Triggers, Hot Links, Microsoft TV Crossover Links.) - Many consider this to be an antiquated term - TV Crossover Links are a type of interactive TV enhancement that lets users know that there's additional enhanced information or web content associated with that TV program or advertisement. A TV Crossover Link often appears as a small icon in the corner of the TV screen at a point in time determined by the show's producers. Clicking on the link makes a virtual panel appear, giving the viewer an option to go to whatever the enhancement is.  Of course they can simply click off the TV Crossover Link and just continue watching standard linear TV. If the viewer chooses to go to the offered web site, electronic storefront, or other interactive feature provided in the virtual panel, (thus temporarily leaving the TV program or advertisement they were watching,) afterwards they can press the "view" or another specified button on the remote control or keyboard, and return to the program or advertisement they were originally watching. The term "TV Crossover Links" is a trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.