(March, 2006) - "After six years of interactive advertising in Britain, red button response rates remained well above response rates to traditional direct-response TV ads that asked the viewer to dial a phone number, according to Robert Leach, head of interactive services at British pay TV operator BSkyB's Sky Media arm."  https://www.theaustralian.com.au

Red-button Interactive TV Services – (May be known as Press Red):

(1) The remote control device or keypad that the viewer uses has a red button to press for interactive TV related activity.

(2) On the screen of certain interactive TV broadcasts there may appear a red electronic button(s). Folks can click on these using their remote control device or keypad, to activate various interactive television services. This term has also been used in relation to Teletext.

(3) Viewers might also “press red” to send a TV clip to someone's enabled mobile phone. See Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS). At the time of this writing at least, Digisoft was a company that can enable this {DigiMMS}.  www.digisoft.tv

(4) A former UK interactive television business that offered interactive television authoring and interactive television authoring tools. (Formerly located at Pressred.tv)

Red Button on the Screen - This gives users the option to press (touch) the Red Button electronically presented in the TV picture instead of the red button on a keypad or remote control device. See Kiosk.