Interactive TV Game Controllers (Associated with Interactive TV Human Interface Device, iTV User-centered Controller, Interactive Web-based TV Gaming Controller, Interactive TV Handheld Devices, Interactive TV Remote Control) - A standard game controller is a plug-in hardware input device used to control various aspects of a video game or entertainment system. Typically this is the playable characters or objects in the computerized game. A controller is typically connected to a game console or computer by means of a wire or wireless connection. Types of controllers include: gamepad, joystick, arcade style joystick, steering wheel, motion sensing, paddle, trackball, light gun, yoke, pedals, keyboard, mouse/mousepad, touch screen, gaming keypads, throttle quadrant and programmable pc controllers. The main function of a controller is to govern the movement/actions of a playable body or object. Comparison of console controllers

Interactive TV Game Controllers can use the technology as standard computer game controllers or even be a standard game controller. Air mouse and other point and click technology is an example. Interactive television controllers may or may not be cross-platform.

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