Remote Control - The remote control device is a keypad held in the hand that controls a device or devices. Most use infrared light signals. The remote control controls the receiving device's "remote".

Advanced remote control devices can provide advanced functionality without interrupting the program currently being watched. An Ericsson IPTV remote control (at the time of this writing) has its own screen that can display electronic program guides, web pages and be used for chat functionality. All of this is done without disturbing other people who are watching the main TV.

This tablet-style remote control device can also be used as a portable second TV display, and to control other devices such as mobile phones and computers.

Remote control devices can work together with TV search software.

Keyboard Remotes (Keyboard Slide Remote, Full Slide-out QWERTY Keyboard) - Remote control devices with a small built-in keyboard that slides out as some smartphones have.