Browser-based Media Player (Browser-based Player. Associated with Portable Media Player, Browser Based MP3 Player.) - A portable media player is a device, perhaps the size of a paperback book, that can store and playback content such as digital video, from a PC or another device, via ports or wireless networking technology. The device can have a hard drive and a display. It might work as an extension of a PC. Depending on the situation, it could be hooked up to your TV. Zune is a portable media player.

Browser-based Media Players aren't necessarily portable and thus can be used by a desktop computer. Browser-based Media Players are often designed to run by web browser controls such as ActiveX. The display size might be adjustable from a quarter of the display to the full screen. The media player might be controlled by buttons on a web page, the mouse, or by keyboard shortcuts. Browser plugins might be utilized for optimal performance.

Browser-based [media] players might at least partially come in the form of desktop clients, meaning that you can't just access the player and/or content from any computer on the web but would need that provider's software installed in the computer you're using.

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