Internet-to-television Video Services (Associated with Web-enabled Television, Internet-connected TVs.) - This is delivering on demand or linear multimedia content from the web (Internet) directly to a television set, typically over a broadband Internet connection. This content may be in the form of walled gardens. The proliferation of home broadband connections, increased sales of HDTVs, increased computing power and improvements in compression and transmission technology has made possible the combination of the Internet and traditional entertainment devices including TVs. Delivering Internet-to-television video services are Internet enabled set-top boxes, media centers, media center PCs, PCs, digital media adapters, digital media receivers, media extenders and Internet-connected TVs. Internet-connected TVs are television systems that can adequately display some or more Internet content. These standalone systems have plug and play capacity.

Internet TV has the potential to offer millions of channels, searchable using Interactive Program Guides and their advanced counter part Content and Service Discovery Guides (CSDGs).

Internet-connected television demo For a demo of what you can do with Internet-connected TVs, click here.

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