Virtual Channels - (Private Channels) – (1) Text, graphics, or video that's integrated into a web-like page and placed in a closed network. (2) Links (often interactive) in an interactive TV system that act a lot like hyperlinks on the World Wide Web.  In a sense they're suppose to mimic a television channel in a closed network. Users can use them to find out movie times at theaters, restaurant menus, etc. Virtual Channels can allow viewers to more quickly seek out new programming and services. TiVo offers (offered) a private channel that customers can upload personal data into for sharing. Virtual Channels are often associated with Walled Gardens.

Virtual Advertising

Information Channel – An Information Channel is a virtual channel/toolbar on your TV display with links to special offers, weather, news, stock quotes, movies, TV shows, etc.

Interactive Tool Bar – An Interactive Tool Bar is an electronic bar presented on your display to navigate through various interactive TV related activities such as on demand programming.

Address Bar

Application Bar

Button Bar

Format Bar

Interactive Tool Bar


Scroll Bar

Slider Bar

Status Bar


3D Gesture Recognition


Air Mouse (Point and Click TV)

Call to Action

Control Device

Drop-down Menu

Hot Links

Hot Spots


Input Device

Interactive request-for-information Ads (iRFI)

Interactive TV Game Controller

Internet-connected TVs

Radio Button

Red Button Interactive TV Service, Press Red


Remote Control


Synchronized Web Links


TV Crossover Links

Voice Recognition - (Speech Recognition)